Sunday, September 22, 2013

Traveling home

Tomorrow the Saa family will be traveling home from the mission field in Colombia, keep them in prayer for their journey .

Let us take time to ask each of our missionaries about their trip and how they were used by The Lord , show them all we love them and we are so thankful they are home after representing Lifeway, Derry     In Colombia.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Update from the road from Pastor Juan

Hi all:

I am writing to you from the mission field, in awe of God's move among us. Many people have been powerfully touched
by God and many have been saved! Keep praying for us. The team has done really well and being used by God in
beautiful ways.

Today we could not stop seeing God's hand over us, people asking for prayer while we walked the streets, inviting
us into their homes. At times we feel like we are living the books of Acts chapter 45....

Love u
Pastor Juan

Thursday, September 5, 2013

More Photos from the road; The Team and beautiful people they have met and know.

Report from Laurie from the Streets

We recieved our assignment from God clothed ourselves with the armor of God and off to the state buildings. We were having a discussion regarding whether to wait for the state workers to be on lunch to share the gospel. We decided no we will go as we entered to our surprise Carmen had entered and was halfway thru the gospel!!! We love her passion! Will and Jon were granted access to unauthorized personell area. Shared with the whole office! Some of our girls were making attempts to gain entry only to find Will and Jon already there, the guys rock!

Report from Jenn from the Streets

We are ministering in teams so that everyone has an interpreter. Yesterday we went to the official government offices and spoke with many people. We believe this was Gods assignment for us. People were very open to hear the gospel message. Outside of the offices was the town square. We were praying for people's needs and leading them to give their lives to Jesus! We began singing to Jesus in the town square.Then Kattia started preaching boldly, She was on fire!!. It was incredible. Many people listened. one woman was grateful to be challenged to speak out for Jesus. Two young men gave us permission to pray and God gave us insight on how to speak. They came to church in the evening and we continued to minister to them with the teams in agreement with what we were sensing from The Lord.

Going out into the streets ministering- Colombia

Report from Will from the Streets

Hola amigos!! God is doing some great things already , here is a cool vid after we spend a few hours talking to the town officials we went outside to worship and this guy joined us. He is a believer that survived a terrible accident and has metal on his head , neck, and chest as you may be able to him placing my hands on him to feel it . He was touched by how Christians are not coming out to represent God on the streets, he let me used his guitar to worship and he joined us with his flute.:)

Prayer time before going into the streets