Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Report from the road from Laurie

Buenos noches,
  I write after completing our first official day in chia. After a lovely breakfast at our very hospitable and clean above we ventured out into the town to do some errands but before we took a walk to camino de vida. we did not get far before The Lord would begin to appoint us people to talk with.

  We were serenaded by a beautiful older gentleman who had been feeling low and expressed he was a widower coming up on the anniversary of his wife's death. it was amazing to see the team go right to work extending greetings and praying for anyone who would stop.

Meeting at camino de vida for a time of worship with Diego and Consuela turned into a throne room experience. praises rang out burdens were revealed and gifts of encouragement, support and unity of love flowed into the hearts of pastor Diego and Consuela just beautiful!!

The Lord is so generous it is amazing to me I would say conservitively we interacted and invited 150 people to know Christ and attend a service. most of our interactions were very gracious Some had already the love of Jesus but others accepted prayers for themselves and their families, some expressed immediately they were struggling and allowed us to pray for them in the street. We're we're blessed to be invited to a street venders home to pray for her family tomorrow at 1pm for her family. specifically for drug related lifestyles and also epilepsy condition. Also we are planning to meet with a family who has tragically lost many family members to death, leaving a motherless one month old baby and a father with cancer in his spine and grandmother with deep sorrow over the loss of her daughter.

Important dinner with a local family proved a fruitful experience. music praise and fellowship brought words of purpose/ kingdom assignments to Several of the young men that were there..Jenny shared her testimony and the holy spirit brought Conviction in the hearts of several bringing repentance and freedom to them and many received prayer and healing. We ran through raindrops, experienced wonderful food and hospitality today. We laughed out loud, cried out loud and encouraged.

 The team is blending please pray for our meetings tomorrow and the church service tomorrow evening. Sending pictures in morning.

  Love you, overjoyed with his generosity. Our god loves to lavish!

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