Monday, September 2, 2013

Evidence that God has gone before the team

God has favor on our Mission Team and it was so apparent even before they boarded the plane. I had made some errors (long story won't bore you with details) with the tickets and things for the team. We prayed believing that the Lord would take care of all of the issues and checking in and boarding went seamlessly! Praise God that he fixes the messes we make!

They boarded the plane and were impressed to start spontaneously singing and praising the Lord on the Plane. They stood and started to sing, It sounded so sweet and beautiful ( I am trying to upload the video) this lead to ministry breaking out on the plane!

One of the ladies that the team had the honor of praying for gave them a gift of $200.00 so they could use it for something great during the mission! Please pray for her daughter, who has heart disease. Pray for God to heal her.

Continue to pray for the team, so much has happened and the trip has just begun. You can put your prayers for them on this blog and encouraging words so they may see them. Check back to see what they will share in their own words as the events are taking place. God has incredible things planned for this team on this trip, let us stand with them in prayer.

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